According to the electron theory of valence, atoms do not remain isolated, but tend to bond together to achieve a stabler electron configuration. Attracted and held together by an electrostatic force, atoms give rise to a new entity, with a value greater than the sum of individual elements. Human beings are a bit like atoms. They are born in a relationship and cannot live alone because something draws them, one another, to create bonds. Every relationship created gradually weaves an invisible but robust thread that binds them together and that represents the type of relationship that is maintained with the other, the shared experiences, the part the other has known, the part of the other that one has accepted to know, the representation that one has of the other, all that has been given and received in the relationship and what has produced a change. Each bond, in fact, changes a part of us and does so in a way that is proportional to the solidity of the thread binding us, to the depth of knowledge we have reached. Bonds define and modify us, but they can also become a limit.