Uno e nessuno

Cyberspace is a real agora where you can meet, chat, discuss, make friends almost like in real life. While previous media have changed the perception of space and time, the most recent telematic communications seem to have changed the boundaries of identity. And if in real life identities, even if multiple, are integrated and consistent, on the contrary on the net they become pure masks and conform to the culture of simulation, a sort of crossing between human and virtual components. This implies the possibility of living alternative lives. People pretend to be others, or more people at the same time, because they refuse to identify themselves in a rigid system by becoming “social chameleons” who borrow various pieces of identity to combine them in order to construct a self as suitable as possible to circumstances. In this sense, the net is a social mirror that favours the decomposition and fragmentation of the self. If on the one hand the net represents identity crisis, on the other it represents a huge potential for development. Provided that you can stop the game at any time to go back to what it was before without getting lost among masks and fragments.