Carolina CUNEO was born in Genoa, where she lives and works. Here she has gone through her photographic journey with the photographers Alberto Terrile and Giuliana Traverso. Other important meetings for her growth have been the one with Franco Fontana, master of creative photography, who chose her to exhibit among his students, and with Arno Rafael Minkkinen, with whom she has studied in depth the relationship between body and nature.

All around in Milan, Turin, Venice, Reggio Emilia, Arles, Avignon, Montreal and New York, she has exhibited her research on man’s relationship with himself and with the environment, told through her camera.

Since 2019 she has been president of the international collective of creative photographers Optim’Art based in France.

Carolina says of herself: “Photography takes up a large part of my life. It is the lens through which I look inside myself and look at the world. It represents more than a passion; it has become an involuntary act like breathing. It allows me to communicate with others and exchange deep thoughts and emotions. When I shoot, I try to remove every protection, every veil that hides me to establish a true and intense empathic relationship with the others.”