Nostalgia has no colour

Istria, a borderland, Italian by tradition and Central European by customs, is now a forgotten country along with its troubled history. The archive of this exodus of Italians is preserved in the images of the families scattered around the world. Its memory is entrusted to the almost whispered stories in the hous-es and to the few photographs of the happy moments left after so many trans-fers. But very few know these sad stories of abandonment of their own land, which have turned into nostalgia in the hearts of so many Istrians. Nostalgia is a complex state of mind, which occurs suddenly when one is not prepared and it is often connected to memories. It cannot be associated with any color, it is not fully represented by anyone, because it contains them all into itself. But between light and dark, between reality and reflections, we carry within us the blackest of blacks, like the darkness that surrounds us when we close our eyes.