The Secret Writing of Trees 

A research on the relationship between nature and man after the environmental movements of the 60s and 70s and the subsequent New Age. Nature no longer considered as an object for a possible profit, but as part of universe breathing along with the individual. In particular, the attention is focused on trees, archetypes of many cultures, which unite the earth to the sky, connecting what is below to what is over, the conscious to the unconscious, in a relationship where the human being has always been the intermediary. Trees invite to reflect on man’s way of behaving with them and their symbolic baggage. It is the utopia of a possible relationship between the human being and the natural world to be built respecting the vital energy present on a planet that vibrates and breathes with every beat. The limits are widened, in the sense of rebellion and rejection of an ongoing process, to follow a more natural path of meditation and regeneration in a universal communion.